Historical figures associated with translation

Throughout history there have been some really important figures who have had a profound influence on translation. Often with a particular agenda and motivation as regards the role of translation, they all had their own ideas about how translation should be undertaken. The perceived function and responsibilities of the translator have always been in a … Continue reading Historical figures associated with translation

Running – a force for good in life

Ever since I was at school I had always shown a keen interest in running. My long strong legs and a decent set of lungs meant that I could have been quite a good runner if I had actually applied myself. Unfortunately the temptations that came with being a teenager were too great to resist … Continue reading Running – a force for good in life

What do I offer as a translator?

Contrary to popular belief.... …..translation is not just a case of transferring words systematically from one language to another. If it were, Google Translate would be ideal for carrying out translations. Other aspects, however, need to be taken into account at all times during the translation process. These include context, purpose, new audience, culture and … Continue reading What do I offer as a translator?

Me, myself and I – a personal profile

For those that don't know me very well, I thought it was about time I introduced myself. You can think of this post as a kind of CV in story form as it has partly been written to enhance my job prospects and grow my freelance business. However, as it has also been written for … Continue reading Me, myself and I – a personal profile

What is translation?

In today’s globalised world, translation is an activity that continues to grow at a rapid pace. It seems to be everywhere we look. It is fundamental to the United Nations, the European Union, the World Trade Organisation and many other international bodies that regulate aspects of modern life. It is part and parcel of modern … Continue reading What is translation?

What makes a good translator?

As I hesitantly make preparations to begin the third and final module of my MA in Translation, I thought it important to remind myself of the main skills and attributes of a good translator. This exercise, I felt, would help to signal my level of proficiency and also identify any areas that needed improving, as … Continue reading What makes a good translator?