A photo is worth a thousand words… but should I put one on my CV?

While the phrase ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’ has been labelled as a Chinese proverb and attributed to the philosopher, Confucius, it was actually popularized in the 1920s by Fred R. Barnard in the United States. He used the phrase to discuss the use of drawn and photographic images to illustrate advertising. A picture may convey an … Continue reading A photo is worth a thousand words… but should I put one on my CV?

New Beginnings in Catalonia

It’s been just over a month since I moved to the Catalan city of Girona in Spain to begin a new life with my girlfriend. We first started going out in 2015 after meeting online on Conversation Exchange, a site where you practice speaking other languages. After a couple of months she came over to … Continue reading New Beginnings in Catalonia

Kaizen, lightbulbs and Continuous Professional Development

Kaizen is a Japanese way of running a company by always trying to improve the way people work and what they do. It is a philosophy and practice of continuous improvement. This way of doing things is practiced at the Nissan car factory in the North East of England. Managers and workers are constantly trying … Continue reading Kaizen, lightbulbs and Continuous Professional Development

MA in Translation

When studying for my degree in Spanish and History with the Open University I always had in the back of my mind that I wanted to become a translator afterwards. However, when I started to talk to people about it, it soon became apparent that without an appropriate qualification in translation at degree or post-graduate … Continue reading MA in Translation

What is translation?

In today’s globalised world, translation is an activity that continues to grow at a rapid pace. It seems to be everywhere we look. It is fundamental to the United Nations, the European Union, the World Trade Organisation and many other international bodies that regulate aspects of modern life. It is part and parcel of modern … Continue reading What is translation?

What makes a good translator?

As I hesitantly make preparations to begin the third and final module of my MA in Translation, I thought it important to remind myself of the main skills and attributes of a good translator. This exercise, I felt, would help to signal my level of proficiency and also identify any areas that needed improving, as … Continue reading What makes a good translator?