Content writing

Travel writing

I have been writing for a number of years now. I travelled round the world for a year and during this time I kept a diary recording all the places I visited. Whilst on this wonderful adventure I wrote about my experiences, about the food I ate, about the cultures, the languages, the people I met and their beliefs and customs. I journeyed on planes, boats, trains, buses, cars, motorbikes, tractors, canoes, rafts, helicopters, and even on the back of camels and elephants. I paraglided and I bungee jumped. I trekked to Machu Picchu. I watched tango in Buenos Aires. I picked cotton in Australia. I ate insects and fish eyes in Thailand. Every country had its own sparkle, its own distinctive piece of magic. Every day was different. Every day was a new mini adventure. This story is now being written in the Diary of a Backpacker series in my blog.

Translation writing

I write articles relating to translation. It is a subject that fascinates me. Previous work has included articles about CPD, the history of translation, translation theory, approaches to translation, the difference between machine translation and human translation, using CAT tools as an aid to translation, and the future of the translation industry.

General writing

I also write about subjects that interest me or things I have an opinion on. Previously, subjects have included European history, the Industrial Revolution, the British Empire, football, music, culture, current affairs, Spain and Catalonia.

Hire me

Have a look at the Lucid Eye Blog. If you like my style of writing, get in touch. I write content for websites, blogs and articles for magazines. If you have space that needs filling up, let my creativity and unique style create great content for your publication!