Viva 2023 – here’s to a busy year!

I have been working on some really interesting projects so far this year. Probably my favourite has been a sequence of marketing texts for a theme park where it was essential to retain the magic of this special place in my translations but also to re-adjust some of the words and expressions so they were more suitable and appealing to their new audience. The element of transcreation involved was something I loved as it really allowed me to instinctively explore my creative side.

I also particularly enjoyed translating a series of blogs for a client in the tourism sector describing the best places to visit in numerous cities in Europe and beyond. As I specialise in tourism and have a great affection for anything travel-related, these translations were right up my street and really whetted my appetite to go travelling to some of these destinations, which, hopefully, is the same effect they will have on my target audience. I also did quite a bit of work for another tourism client, translating articles about things to do on one of my favourite Spanish islands. When translating these texts, I learnt so much about different places and cultures and it was an absolute pleasure to be involved in them.

As a marketing and e-commerce specialist, I translated a substantial number of texts about different styles of footwear and clothing for a client in the fashion sector. This was a very enjoyable project to work on, especially as all their products were handmade in an environmentally friendly way. I also translated articles and blogs for a client in the swimming pool sector which, on occasions, really made me want to strip off and jump in a pool of clear refreshing water. It was so interesting translating about different kinds of pools, saunas, fountains and other water features, and I enjoyed the challenge of finding the correct terminology which, at times, entailed quite a bit of research.

For something completely different, I also received a large amount of website copy to translate for a client in the funeral sector which, due to its sombre nature, tested me not only on a professional, but also on a mental level. I had to think a lot about the kind of language to use during the translation of these texts as I had to get the tone just right. Although the client is obviously still selling something, it isn’t your average kind of product, so a far more dignified and delicate marketing approach had to be employed.

I also translated miscellaneous marketing articles, press releases and blogs for clients connected to health, finance, pet food, building construction and football. Talking about football, I have also been busy with my other translation business, the legendary Tiki-Taka Linguistics. Although we are still in the early stages of business growth, we have secured a couple of clients from the wonderful world of football and have been working on the translation of website copy and publicity materials, so it is a nice little step forward.

After a steady January, work truly reached a crescendo in February and I can honestly say I have never been so busy. So far, March is progressing with more chilled-out vibes so I thought I’d take a moment to catch my breath and do this quick little round-up of my activities so far in 2023. More importantly, it also, quite cunningly, gives me the opportunity to finish off with a shameless bit of in-your-face self-marketing. So…..

…..if you’re an individual, a company or an agency looking for an experienced translator specialising in football, tourism and marketing, who can offer you sparkling Spanish to English translations for the global market, please get in touch as I would absolutely love to work with you! What’s more, I also offer revision, machine translation post-editing and copywriting services. Visit my home page for further information and also, if you would like to read more from me, explore my blog page. There are articles on Spanish residency, cultural differences between Spain and the UK, the best of British food, learning foreign languages and so much more besides.

My consultant when translating for my pet food client – Catalina the Yorkshire Terrier!

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