Hola chicos and welcome to Lucid Eye Translations! My name is Chris Alexander and I’m from Newcastle in the North East of England. Although a proud Geordie, I now live in the beautiful Catalan city of Girona in Spain. I’m a freelance translator, copywriter and English teacher. I always ensure my translations are not only accurate but culturally and stylistically fit for purpose. Take a look at my carouselfie slideshow to find out a bit more about me and then continue reading to discover more about the services I provide.

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I’m a translator working from Spanish to English. I’m dynamic, efficient and very passionate about what I do. With a lucid eye for detail I also provide revision and editing services. Although I specialise in tourism, e-commerce, marketing and football, I’m also experienced in translating texts in many other fields.


As a keen writer and storyteller I provide copywriting services. I have always had a passion for writing and I love creating the perfect content for my clients. I like to get to know who the target customer is so I can connect and build a relationship with them. I will also do a lot of research about the subject I am writing about so I know exactly what it is I am talking about.


I’m a qualified TEFL teacher. After completing training in Buenos Aires, I spent two years teaching business English to individuals and groups in Argentina’s stunning capital. Classes were a fusion of conversation practice, vocabulary, grammar and preparation for exams. I have also taught English to children in a school in a small village in Laos.

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I am truly fascinated by the Spanish language and the cultures associated with Spain and Latin America. My other interests include travel, history, reading and sport. You can get to know me a bit better by clicking on the button below.

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Please get in touch if there is any work you would like me to carry out. When contacting me for any translation work it would be helpful to let me know the word count of the source text, the purpose of the translation, when it needs to be completed, who the target audience is, whether it will be for reference or publication, and also what kind of text it is.

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To be able to craft beautiful translations you have to be able to express yourself eloquently in your native language. Practicing my writing skills on a regular basis helps me to do this. Always written with a view to educate, inspire or entertain, the Lucid Eye Blog contains articles on subjects that include translation, culture, language, teaching, travel, history and football.